Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

What weekend?

Sunday I woke up full of energy. Jake went out to survey roads for repair and in the two hours he was gone I:

  • Fed Elsa and pumped 6 oz
  • Changed 4 dirty diapers
  • Did the dishes
  • Made bacon and bread
  • Did laundry
  • Did the dishes again
  • Cleaned the nursery
  • Scrubbed the toilet

    Then a friend came over to help us take down some extra trees by the top of the driveway (Yes, for earth day, we cut down trees. Heh.), M. came over to meet Elsa and have some baby time, and my sister came over to walk Norway and steal some baby time. It was all very exciting to Elsa (at one point there were two strangers and an aunt!), and she was mostly an angel and demonstrated her smiles and babbles. But she was quite low on naps by the end of the day (and I got none!) and had a very, very fussy evening - she was miserably over-tired. We didn't get down until rather later than usual. Today we're going to take it very easy and have lots of quiet time.

    I hope.

    I'd like to do a little writing or maybe some artwork for the Torn World Muse Fusion today... go leave prompts! I've also got a new illustration up at the site:

    This was a Sketch Fest piece, that spawned a story by ysabetwordsmith (which you should also read!)

    Depending on baby naps, I'd also like a shower and to maybe do some programming. It would be nice to clean off the grill so we can have grilled steak for dinner, too.

    And, since I know you're only here for the cute baby photos (from the middle of last week):

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