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Expressive baby is expressive...

These photos are actually from Monday - she gave me a smile, I said 'hold that!' and reached for the camera. She didn't give me another really good smile, but she did give me all of these looks:

The following three days, it's like she blossomed into smiles. Every time she'd catch my eye, **GRRRRRIIIIN** Of course, I never had the camera handy those times, though you can see her smiling a few frames in the dancing pictures of the previous post. Today has been a fussier day, so we've been doing more cuddling and singing and such than picture-taking. We had a really lovely (MUCH needed) nap this morning after Jake left and she woke me up giggling. *melt* (Her mood went downhill after that.)

I also wanted to log some notes about her sounds - they are changing so quickly, and I want to write them down somewhere before I forget!

She started with just a cry, as babies apparently do, but within days, she had a huffy little 'uh! uh! uh!' that she uses before she gets to crying and when she's trying to nurse.

Within a week, she had an 'EH! EH' that she used as a 'hey!' call to let me know she wanted something, before crying. She usually waited after giving one of those, then tried again 'EH! eh!' Then she might cry in earnest. During the night, I usually wake up on the first EH! and she's quiet if she knows I'm coming to help her out. (Sometimes I wait the first one out though, because she'll fall back to sleep before remembering to cry or give a second one.)

At about three weeks, she added this... I think they call it a coo, but I wouldn't have, instinctively. It's more like a high, short sigh. It's still pretty rare.

At three weeks or a month, we started hearing more babbly sounds... some of them are pretty complex and up and down. (AaaaawwwAAAAwwwaaaa) She'll respond to talking to her with 'Ahh!' and 'Uhhh!' sometimes.

About 5 weeks, giggles started with smiles... Adorable short little 'heh heh's with a really wide mouth with her eyes squinting in delight.

Just this last week, she's started mouthing back to me when I sing - silently opening and closing her mouth in a big circle while I'm singing, and throwing in a little 'Oooo!' or 'AaaawwWWWAAAAaaaaAAA' when she's done. (Not in time or tune, of course.)

She babbles herself to sleep, most nights, which is a little funny, because she's also trying to suck on her hand, so it's sort of a 'Sluuuuurp eh uh oo sluuuUUURRRRP eh eh uh AH SLUUUuuuurp.'

She'll also babble a bit when she wants attention and Jake and/or I in the room but not giving it to her. (If we both leave the room, it's 'EH! EH!')

She's currently got two cries. The inconsolable one is all red, squish-faced and no breaths (well, there must be breaths, because she remains conscious, but the ears are ringing too much between them to register...). The second is the conversational cry. She's trying REALLY hard to explain what she's crying about, and it's a pouty, 'AAAHHH AHHH uhhhh ehhh mwa AHHH EH AAAAAAHHHH.' She goes to great lengths detailing all the things she's got opinions on.

Also, it's very distinctive. Hearing other babies cry, I automatically think 'that's not Elsa.' It just... sounds different. Must be a parent thing - Jake has mentioned the same.
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