Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A few random things... Guppy funnies, EMG-Zine update, new story

Pre-Guppy: Wow, look how teeny all these clothes are. I can't imagine having a baby can really add that much to the laundry load.

Post-Guppy: Oh.

(Parents, you may laugh.)


I have been able to steal a little personal time over the past few days, which is lovely! I had to rebuild bits of the EMG-Zine site to clear out the last problems with that hacker that got in before Guppy was born... you may have gotten some malware notifications from the site in the meantime. I have submitted it to Google to register as clean again. I still need to rebuild bits of the backend, but that's less pressing... I've deleted ALL those files from the site until I can inspect them individually for weaknesses.


I have also gotten new material posted over at Torn World and been able to review a few things in the queue. Among the new things, a new Rails story of my own is up! (With artwork to follow later this week!) Read Off Rails, or see the complete Rails series.


I keep trying to take photos of Elsa's hands and feet, and also to catch one of her smiles, or her giggle-face. But the latter are fleeting (and usually while we're cuddling), and she is SO wiggly that catching good snapshots of hands and feet has proven difficult. I must tackle that while she is sleeping, I think. Here is the best I've gotten so far:


Today's goals:

  • Get back in my inbox to answer emails. A few, at least.
  • Shower!
  • Finish Fang Deer article
  • Spaghetti dinner
  • laundry
  • Sing silly songs to Elsa

    What if all the raindrops
    Were lemondrops and gumdrops...!
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