Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Still not Mom... but now with a dryer!

The dryer spins! And heats! And dries clothing! I've done an entire load and am starting a shocking SECOND load of laundry! And nothing got blown up while I was wiring in the fusebox!

I got one speed-write finished, on the unexpected creative front, and finished mailing All the Packages. I feel kind of guilty that the packages were unadorned - as late as some of these were, I felt like I ought to add extra goodies. But I just don't have easy extra goodies on hand these days to tuck into orders... I used to have a minor-damage seconds box stuffed with cards and bookmarks and stickers I could toss in. These days... well, I just feel relieved I finally got them out in the mail. I'll take that, right now.

A shower now, I think.
Tags: daily
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