Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Nope. Not Mom yet.

Have spent most of the last day or more offline, which has been nice, but have not started squeezing out baby yet. (She's still convinced she's coming out the side, or possibly out one of these old stomach scars... we're still in negotiations.)

Slept in late. Went to the post office. Got many packages mailed (but not all). Prenatal yoga was lovely - small class, lots of floor-work. Got the fuse we need for the dryer, but did not install it. Returned some drawers we didn't end up installing. Went to a hockey game, where we won against our bitter rivals most decisively and I ate a giant bucket of nachos and a mandarin orange smoothie. I was a little disappointed that no one at the game, the store, or the post office asked me when I was due so I could tell them 'five days ago,' though I did have some lovely chats with the people in the mile-long nachos line.

Still have emails to work through.

Bed now.

Tags: daily, factory

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