Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Dryer progress

And no, dryer progress is not a euphemism for something else.

We got the venting for the dryer about half assembled, and wired in the outlet and junction box. We had to re-wire the dryer itself; the 3-prong pigtail it came with is no longer up to code and we had to install a 4-prong with ground (free dryer, so not complaining!). So, left to do are a few parts of venting and a fuse in the fusebox. We're missing one vent connection piece, I think.

Some contractions today, but all mild, painless, short and exercise-related. Guppy seems to be wiggling in different areas, so I'm hopeful she's decided to abandon her sunny-side-up position and spare me eventual back labor. I'm doing yoga floorwork periodically throughout the day to encourage this. I got some more prints printed and did a little organization of other orders, including fetching the anthology copy from the connex box that I needed - and putting Elsa's boxes of toddler clothing out there. I still deny that this is nesting, because it didn't really come with any energy.

The wonderful, amazing husband drove all the way into town (we live too far out for any delivery) just to get us take-and-bake pizza. It's about finished now, and I am starving...
Tags: daily, factory, house building

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