Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Still not Mom

Birthplan written and printed.
Hospital bag gathering dust.

I'm actually not too bothered by this delay - I fully expect her to run as late as we let her. The family is getting antsy, though.

In all, this was going to be a nice, cheerful 'nothing is happening' blog - and then I found out that one of my FTP accounts got hacked. URGH. Nothing vital got stolen, just some nasty freaking hackware inserted into some php files. Did some division of access and laid some traps in the backend of a few sites that should at least keep the nastiness more contained, should it happen again (though I think I found the crack and got rid of it), and then purged the site and re-uploaded all relevant files. I guess the good thing about these bastards being so active at my sites is that I'm getting really efficient at deleting their crap. Only took about 30 minutes to check and scrub all my sites. Deleted some old stuff, while I was at it.

I got prints run, while I was sitting at the computer, so the Very Big Order is just 3 prints from finished, and the others are nearly finished, too. Not a dead loss of a day, then.

I think I'm going to read something fluffy, or take a shower, or something mindless for a while as Malwarebytes runs a full scan.

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