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I started writing this as a comment elsewhere, decided it wasn't really applicable to the action in question, but decided that it was still something I ought to share:

If I may suggest, what you want is the Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows (google it for your version). It's a (safe) free download that gives you a 'resize image' right click option when using windows explorer. I used it in XP and was delighted to find that they made one for Windows 7, too. Right click a jpg or tif file (or png, and probably other formats I haven't tested), and 'resize image' is an option that pops right up. Make your file one of four pre-set sizes (optimized for viewing on various devices) or make a custom limit. Overwrite your file, or create a new one. Set it to only shrink, not enlarge (if you want). Select a whole bucketful of files at one time. Click, done. I ADORE this tool and it has saved me hours of work in Photoshop.

(I will spare you my froth-mouthed rant about how DPI does NOT matter in web optimization. This time.)

And, mizkit was doing a Kickstarter poll at her page, which made me leave this comment on my opinion of Kickstarter in general:

I said Kickstarter didn't make a difference, but the more accurate truth is that I'm not all that keen on Kickstarter. It doesn't make me run screaming, but I'd rather send you those funds more directly. It's lovely that Kickstarter gives you more publicity and makes it easy to manage things, but it's also an arm of Giant Monopoly Amazon, which takes a good chunk of the bottom line and almost negates the whole 'buy it from the creator' and 'support the little guy' aspect. It's like going to Walmart to buy local produce.

But, I do recognize that it provides a service that may not otherwise be within the reach of creators. I've even helped fund a few projects through it. It's just a harder sell to me personally than more direct methods.

If that's not enough random writing from me to read, Part 3, the final segment of City of Lights (Ithoi) has been posted at Torn World! http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=347

Very busy morning for me - I have appointments in town and much running (waddling) around to do: gym, bank, post office, doctor, and shopping at least. I also need to finish the maternity leave notifications at EMG-Zine and PA and write my email auto-reply. And there's a last Amazon order that REALLY needs to go out asap. Need to leave in an hour to squeeze everything in, so I'm off now to shower and pack that order up. Woot.
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