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Ellen Million

Maternity Leave and Disclaimer

I am now on indefinite maternity leave! ETA: See below for updates.

By "leave", I mean I'm shutting down ordering at most of my sites, delegating projects, and automating as much as possible. The amazing customer service that people have come to expect from this one-woman show... is not going to be so amazing, and I'm not going to feel bad about it. I may reply to emails, if you need to cash out your credits, or want to order something I happen to have in stock, or need some kind of project help. I may also not check my email for a week or two at a time, or not have the spoons to deal with your request immediately. I may help one person and not another (this is not a reflection of favoritism, I promise). Basically, I reserve the right to be incredibly flaky.

By "indefinite", I mean I'll be back in business whenever I like - perhaps in May, perhaps in August, maybe in October. Chances are good that I will phase back into things - picking up various projects and catching up on emails as I feel ready for them, taking on more projects gradually as I figure out how to deal with my new life order.

And by "maternity," I mean BABY!


Status and points of contact

EMG-Zine will continue to be aptly run by Jennifer Broschinsky. The form at the site and the editor email will go to her. Keep submitting work! I've left her my best whip! Hard-copy anthologies are not available for now. ETA: Anthologies are available again! EMG-Zine has shut down, but the site remains available.

Fantastic Portfolios is in the capable hands of Janet Chui. Contact at that site goes through her, and she's taken the reins and is running with things. Check out the new blog, and there are some sweet features in the pipeline.

Sketch Fest is closing for March and April at least, including sketch sales... these will automatically time out on Friday at noon, so grab available sketches while you can. There may be a Sketch Fest in May. Stay tuned for that. ETA: Sketch Fests are running monthly again! Check the site for updates!

Coloring books are closed up for now. You may find them available through other sellers through their Amazon.com pages. ETA: Coloring books are available again! Orders may take up to 10 days to ship, not my usual two-day turnaround, sorry!

Torn World will continue to update... as I get to it. As there is work that is reviewed by the canon board for me to post, I will. They just won't be as evenly spaced as updates have been in the past. Deirdre Murphy will be running the Critters of Torn World contest and organizing Muse Fusions over the next few months. Anthologies and coloring books are not for sale for the time being. ETA: Coloring books and anthologies are available again! Contests are running again! The site is updating semi-regularly!

Portrait Adoption will pretty much continue on auto-pilot, though approvals of both submissions and adoptions will be delayed like everything else. I've already got the system set on 'vacation' so that claims will NOT expire until I can deal with them. ETA: Standard adoptions are available, but take approximately 10 days to ship.

For all money issues (subscriptions, credits, royalties, orders, etc.), contact me. And then be patient, please. ETA: I am answering emails again and doing all the usual business upkeep. As full-time Mom, it may take me a few days to reply and my inbox is always a bit of an adventure - if you haven't gotten a reply in a few days, you are welcome to nudge me again. You may also contact me at Facebook or elsewhere on the web, but email is most reliable.

Important Disclaimer

I reserve the right to blog and not be "back". I reserve the right to post photos and not be back. I reserve the right to write and do artwork for myself, and share it, and not be back. I reserve the right to do a sudden madcap programming update and not be back. Appearing in social media, including commenting on posts or 'liking' things does not obligate me to resume my crazy-mad work schedule, answer emails, or conduct business in any fashion. In general, business will resume when I'm ready for it, and I will announce in no uncertain terms when that time is. Don't be fooled by any gushy enthusiasm, rambling, comments, or random blathering, in the meantime.

PS: No, the Guppy is not here yet. I will update this post when she is, never fear.

ETA: Guppy was born Feb 28th, weighing 7 lb 11 oz, 22" long, and is perfect (according to her mother) in every way.
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