Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily, setting up maternity leave from my own life...

It snowed a little this morning. Still not Mom*.

My appointments yesterday were canceled, so I ended up doing a bunch more programming than I expected to get through, which is very good. Everything rescheduled for Wednesday. Still not Mom.

Got another big programming project I will probably have to turn down. TIMING, people. I would have given my eyeteeth for these projects a month or two earlier, and I WARNED you. Now, even supposing Guppy holds off a few weeks, I feel terribly awkward accepting the job, because who knows if I'd have to abandon it right in the middle for a month or two. Also, general exhaustion makes agreeing to stuff Not Smart. Not Mom yet.

Did you know Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher of ST:tnG) choreographed Labyrinth? Finding that out this morning was a weird intersection of things I fan over. Also, now must rewatch Labyrinth. Still not Mom.

Ravenous now. Going to go eat and then tackle my to-do list.

  • Make bread
  • Get maternity leave straightened out at EMG, SF (still need to set disabling of sketch sales) (sketches scheduled to go offline on Friday!), Torn World (disable publication purchases), EMG-Zine (waiting for reply, need to take off anthologies), FP, PA and personal site.
  • Close Amazon shop
  • Write up maternity leave disclaimer for blog
  • vacuum
  • print prints
  • pack orders
  • print taxes
  • Inbox to 200 (at 253 now) 198! First time under 200 in... 6 months?! WAY too long.

    *Bonus geek points if you get the 'Still not...' reference. It would probably be funnier if Guppy were already late, but I may not get the chance to use it, and/or may forget about it entirely once we get further in.
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