Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Have you seen my mojo?


Seriously bummed about the webpage. Seriously.

It should mean happy-happy art day, since I'm off of work with no access to my webpage, but I'm just feeling dumb and mopy and moronic and not like messing with anything that's a half-decent start for fear of shriveling it with my touch of death and not at all like starting anything new.

Jake just called to tell me I'm wonderful anyway. That means a lot!

I think I shall go to my parent's house and work on contracts a bit there. Can't do the on-line parts, but can manage the signature pages and the compiling of many envelopes.

I got some arttime this morning before I discovered I had sunk my webpage, and I did manage to finish two mostly-dones for the project. Of course, I can't *show* them to anybody because my stupid webpage is down...

Days like this I wish I had a better swearword vocabulary. I'm finding my cusswords sadly unfulfilling.

And my back hurts. :(

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