Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily - 30 minutes to Sketch Fest!

Sketch Fest starts in just 30 minutes! (Probably less, by the time I get through this post...)

I updated the tagging feature so it's more private to artists, though not 'secret', as tagged prompts will still show up on the artist's own page. It will no longer send an email alert to the prompter, and won't show up on the prompt page. Use this option to 'tag' prompts you think are interesting so you can find them again!

I've also started the framework for allowing users to turn off the group-by-prompter functions, but that's a little more complex and won't be done for this Sketch Fest, sorry!

I'm going to try to get one sketch done before going down for a needed nap, myself. Guppy seems to be sucking down the energy with more vigor than usual, even, today.

Really must try to get some prints done this weekend - I did get some laid out yesterday, but the printer is aaaaallll the way down in the basement, and far, far away from my comfy recliner chair with cat. I shall overcome! And go to yoga, too! (And the post office, where I suspect there are packages waiting for me.

Okay, now to collect some snacks and my sketch book... join us for the crazy creative madness in (*checks*) just 15 minutes!
Tags: daily, sketch fest

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