Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with cobwebs

I have mostly crossed off yesterday's list of two, this morning. It seems like I ought to be distressed by my lack of productivity, being me - I put two things on my list and manage one, pretty routinely these days, which is a far cry from my usual habits. But I'm remarkably okay with that. I'm not sure if this serenity is due to the cocktail of hormones I can thank Guppy for, or if common sense is playing some role, but I'm more amused by my slow-down than anything else. Everything can wait. The world is not going to screech to a halt because I cannot manage to send an order I've already let the customer know will be late until the weekend. If I fail to vacuum, the worst that happens is that I have to look at some clumps of fur on the rug for another day. Or two. (The recent warm weather has persuaded Norway that it's spring, and he's shedding. Boy, is he in for a surprise...)

So, today's list is to finish the WS site (very, very close, now!) and inventory coloring books. (Which should make coming back to them after my hiatus easier, and is needed for one of my wholesale clients.) I may hang some fish in the nursery, then. I'd like to get a few prints off, too, but we shall see. Eat, drink and rest are givens. And I've already finished watching all available episodes of Downtown Abbey, which is an utterly delightful show. I am thinking about starting SG-1 for a rewatch from the beginning... maybe sketching or doing some writing while it's on, but maybe not.

In factory news, Guppy is wiggly and wavy as ever, and a little pointy. She has dropped a bit more, which Jake was terribly excited about until I reminded him that it could still be weeks - that's not a 'day of' event. Puffy fingers and ankles feel normal, now, and they are slightly less sore. Up several times a night, of course. I can't remember what a solid night of sleep even feels like...

Thank you so much for the nice comments on my photos, yesterday. :) I am at the stage where I feel terribly awkward and not put together quite right; it's lovely to know I don't just look weird and lumpy.
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