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Today I have two goals: Business taxes DONE! and WS website. The latter should not take long now - I have all the info I need and I wrangled the blog feeds into shape yesterday between contemplating my navel (which is not quite an outy, but trying VERY hard to be) and eating. Coloring book inventory, prints and orders are priority after those.

Sketch Fest! This Friday - Sunday!

I will be taking down the coloring books page this weekend, as well as my Amazon shop, and the shopping at my personal page. Time to work on auto-responders and some site notifications, too. If you'd like to withdraw or spend your EMG earnings, please put in a request soon! I will not be checking email regularly once the small squirmy person is here, and you may not receive your funds in a timely way if you wait!

I sorted clothing yesterday... and it took much longer than I thought it would. We've got three large boxes to put in the Connex - clothing for 6-12 months and for 1-2 years. No reason to keep that cluttering up the nursery for now! Two smaller boxes of 3 month stuff are on the top of her closet shelves now, and all of the newborn stuff is sorted out into her dresser. I still need to install batteries for the monitor, and put fish up on the walls!

Food now. Nap soon.

ETA: Oh, here! Have some recent photos:

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