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Mondaily with weekend recap and many project updates.

It's warm and clear today - a little too warm, really; I hope the roads aren't too slick, because I have a doctor's appointment today and want to drag myself to the gym, too. I've got a load of laundry in now and need to get to the PO and apply for the PFD and a dozen other things. Energy level is unfortunately at about zero.

I would say we were nesting this weekend, but I think nesting is supposed to come with a spike of actual energy. So, Jake was nesting, and I was dragging myself along behind... we got the shelving up in Guppy's closet, and were able to clear out most of the things that had accumulated in the nursery - some of the larger items went out to the connex for storage, because she won't be able to use them until she's walking. The carseat is safely installed, and my hospital bag is all packed except for the things I use daily. We took a whole bunch of photos of me yesterday, too - I may post those if I have energy after my running around.

Healthwise, I'm hanging in there at 38 weeks... I definitely have some hand and ankle swelling, and both have come with some soreness. I've been keeping an eye on my blood pressure, which is a little higher than normal, but not at dangerous levels. I may have been wrong about her dropping - or she's climbed back up... though a cup of ginger tea and a Zantac an hour before bed seem to knock the heartburn down to just about nothing at night, I'm still out of breath, and the belly is still riding quite high. She's still vigorous and eating large chunks of my energy. I am very much slowed down with walking and especially climbing stairs. Sleeping is still pretty shattered. Some back pain, though it isn't a fraction as bad as I'd feared it would be by this point. I am both Very Ready to meet Elsa and get my lungs back, and hoping desperately for a few more weeks to get things done.

Have some project updates:

  • Giant Torn World update - see the details here! (Cliffnotes version: Rhysling nomination for one of Elizabeth's poems, now public, art gallery, now public, with next/previous browsing, updates to the storyline collection pages, including re-organization, art and articles, plus a new contest, and a reminder to vote for us in the Rose and Bay awards.)

  • Sketch Fest this Friday! Providing Elsa-Monkey-Guppy doesn't decide to show up early, there will be another awesome 48-hour Sketch Fest extravaganza Feb 10-12. Someone remind me to send a notice to my email list later this week (but BEFORE the Sketch Fest starts). http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

  • Themes for the last 6 months of 2012 have been posted for EMG-Zine! (And actually added to the guidelines page, this time!) http://emg-zine.com

    I finished the next Rails installation this weekend and have posted it for canon board review. Hopefully I will steal a little more of my energy back for some art or writing today...
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