Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily... already??

My belly of monkeys has the hiccups. Squirmy hiccups. It tickles.

It was warm yesterday - it got up to 24 degrees! (F) Today, it's back down to -14. *sigh*

The Portrait Adoption artists stepped up SO much to my call for portraits (I asked for 12! I got more than 37!) that I felt like I hadn't done enough for them... so I went through my list of things I wanted to accomplish and picked out a couple of easy ones: The thumbnail previews now show if a piece is available for customization, and also, if a portrait is on a wishlist (or more than one!). Artists have been giving longing looks for that feature for a while, so they can see what's most popular and direct their efforts to those themes and styles. This shows up on the portrait itself, too, and I'm working on a 'most wished for' viewing option, too (but haven't wrangled that into working yet...). And customization, when available, shows a cute little pencil icon on the portrait page, too.

Who loves ya?

Other programming of the paid kind done this morning, and more to do now... I've got an hour before my afternoon doldrums are likely to flatten me.
Tags: daily, emg, factory, portrait adoption

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