Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More questions for mom! (And dads, and anyone with opinions...) Plus, shameless promotion.

It's finally warm! Like, above zero!

I have been hesitant to put the carseat base actually IN the car, because it's made of plastic, and the last thing I want to do is crack it trying to buckle it in at 30 below. (Though really, you do have to hope that it doesn't become brittle at these temperatures - have they actually been tested for such extremes??)

Anyway, I'm actually doing the hospital bag packing now, and eyeing the carseat. Where do you like to put it? Behind you for ease of installing baby? Or behind the passenger seat so you can turn and look at them without going all Exorcist? (I am not daft enough to put her in the front seat, or in the far back. I'm new to this, but not stupid.)

And what sorts of things did you most appreciate having in your hospital bag? Anything you didn't use at all and wish you hadn't brought?

We continue to be dead stumped on a middle name we both like, so if you have suggestions for a name to go with Elsa, I'd like to hear them. Many will be eliminated because our first criteria is that it can't show up in either of our families, I don't want it to be too similar to mine (Marie) because Elsa is already somewhat like Ellen, and I don't want to know anyone with the name. (And I don't have to tell you to be nice, do I? I've been warned that this is a contentious subject, but I'm going to trust you not to be jerks to each other.)

Internet and phone are miraculously back, and I called to cancel the technical support! I suspect something weird was going on in the lines due to the fact that it's warmed up 50 degrees in the last day or so.

A tad more energy today. Dishes now, and maybe some writing. Lots of Torn World administrative schtuff accomplished today, waiting on one response to mail out the contest ballots.

Oh! I've been nominated for some Rose and Bay awards! Torn World and EMG-Zine are contenders in Other Projects, Edward Cammarota is nominated for his support of Torn World, EMG-Zine and Sketch Fest under Patrons, Sketch Fest and my Prompted Abstracts are up in Art, and Torn World is also nominated in Poetry. Lots of awesome creative nominees; I recommend browsing the other entries, too - you can vote for more than one! You may also want to check out Webcomics or Fiction.
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