Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sans lap.

Art right now is very frustrating.

Beyond the general muse and brain malaise, I have no lap to sketch in, and I didn't realize how much I used it. Regular chairs, to sit at the table are decidedly not comfortable right now, and I can't sit close enough to the table to use them correctly anyway.

I have found a position of comfort in my fabulous awesome recliner - stuff a pillow under my knees and tip back and I can stay there all day if I'm foolish enough to let myself (which is way too easy, because it is relatively hard to get UP from this position). I can use my laptop on my legs, though I can't see past the belly to the nearest bits of my laptop (I touch-type, so visibility isn't a problem - and is probably one reason that typing on the iPad is so hard for me).

So, I can do a little writing, pokey bit by pokey bit. I got an article written up for Torn World today, and I've gotten a thousand words or so on the Rails storyline in the last week (not, you know, and AMAZING wordcount, but it's words. On a page). I can do some programming, fortunately, and emails.

But I have PICTURE ideas I want to work on. I did some sketching over the weekend, and it was awkward - I stopped long before I felt finished, and couldn't get a comfortable working position going on; the sketchbook digs into my belly, or wobbles on top of it (even when Elsa isn't adding percussion to the mix), or slides off the side, or I have to crook my arm so awkwardly it won't do what I want. Add to this the fact that my fingers are all fat and sausage-y, and even slightly achy... art is hard to do right now. Very frustrating.
Tags: factory, whine

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