Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To do before Guppy/Elsa/Monkeys get here...

Another chilly morning. Guppy/Elsa/Monkeys are doing great in there. Fatigue is less in the mornings, so I'm hopeful to get some Stuff Done.

One list to rule them all!

(It is Not Good that I can cross nothing off of this yet...)

  • Taxes!! (drafted and estimated and sorted, just need to fill out the forms)
  • SE site - good start
  • JH site - some start
  • WS site - some start
  • Dryer outlet
  • Paint bathroom floor
  • Finish bathroom. (UGH. Because I am so not up to dealing with sheetrock now!)
  • Finish Skycats picture
  • Kaz art trade (whyyyyy did I sign up?)
  • Big print order - started
  • Little print orders - started
  • 4 abstracts (holy heck, I still haven't done those? Where is my BRAIN?)
  • Torn World stories: Finish Rails? (unlikely, actually - there's a lot of story left there...), Finish Meetings storyline (equally unlikely). But some progress would be awesome. Oh, hey, some has been made!
  • Security hash for various EMG sites. - figured out how to do it, just need to implement.

    And a shorter list, just for today:

  • Post something for TW
  • Take ashes out (woodstove cooling now)
  • Work on print order (10 prints!)
  • Paint abstracts/skycat
  • Test security hash - consulted with guru
  • Progress on WS site - finalize layout - progress made!
  • Eat, drink, rest
  • CALL MY MOTHER - talked to Dad for a while, not my fault she wasn't there! :P
  • Inbox to 250 (at 285 now) 245!
  • Pay bills
  • Prep for EMG-Zine - art is done, just need news. Also, email Annie.
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