Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*bangs head on keyboard*

I suck.

I suck.

I suck!!!

I got my domain released by my old host (stupid-grumble-ACS) hoping that was why the stupid site wasn't switching over, but nooooo... I hadn't gone through some dumb final step to get the damn transfer finalized, and so now, having finally updated all the crappy-ass dns information, my site points NOWHERE, and won't until the dns stuff is updated, which will take 2-4 freaking days.

My grand plans for updating the webpage and getting contracts done are in ruins, seeing as I can't access them. Or my email, which will (I think...) be bouncing.

I want to go back to bed and cry.

Goddamn stupid dumb lousy not-half-as-web-savvy-as-I-thought-I-was idiotic moronic worthless talentless stupid glad-I-at-least-thought-to-forward-the-emails-on-my-server-to-yahoo rotten grumpy seriously peeved at self...

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