Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Very rambly post of rambling.

I am, perhaps unsurprisingly, increasing uncomfortable. My weight gain has just about leveled off, but I seem to be continuing with the expansion. I feel tenderized from the inside - wiggly child is still fascinating but some of her cavorting manages to put pointy limbs right in sensitive organs. (I did finally get some iPhone footage of a moderate alien belly wave, but shall have to figure out how to edit and post it.) In near-miracles, I did get about 5 straight hours of sleep - two nights in a row, now! Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Still short and painless, and usually directly caused by exercise.

On Thursday, I did make it to the gym. I had to drop another one of the weight machines from my rotation because of belly interference. I'm still able to do the crunches and back presses, which are the ones I'm most invested in, and I got in some good time on the elliptical. Jake beat me at basketball, but not by a lot! It was a good workout.

In the dressing room, a lady applying makeup did a double-take at me. "You're... ready to pop!" she exclaimed. I told her my duedate, since that's the conversational staple of a pregnant woman, and she told me I was very brave to be going to the gym so close to my date. (She said 'brave' in a way that made it sound exactly like 'crazy.') I settled for laughing and explaining that the recent cold weather was making me a little stir crazy, and it was important to get out. She agreed with that idea. I found it odd that less than a week previously, a group of women thought I didn't look anywhere near 36 weeks. I don't think I changed in looks at all in that week.

You awesome PA artists who stepped up with portraits? My hats are off to you. I asked for 12 by the end of the month, and have gotten 22, with two days to spare!

I have built you the promised watch feature! If you are logged in, you can now watch any artist, and will receive an email whenever they upload a new portrait (or rather, when one is approved). It is a little bare bones, but may be fancied up in the future, and it works, as far as I've tested it! (Also, there's a new submitted description!)

I must try to remember to do an official mailing list announcement about it tomorrow. I also have a spawn appointment and hope to make it to the post office, gym and grocery store - we ran out of several staples this weekend that we worked around. (No onions! No milk! Almost out of dog food!)

A very cold weekend, again, but we've stayed warm. There was some organization of wood (uncovering an extra pile and sorting out the overnight logs for the next week) and we got our weather station powered up and working again during the scarce daylight hours. Ravens had much to say on the topic of wood sorting today, and were flirting around the house a lot of today.

I drew a little, too - some fanart for selinafenech's Memory's Wake contest (just a sketch, but a fun piece). (Also, I covet her new art book!)

I've been otherwise pretty pokey. I can't seem to get my brain wrapped around writing anything lately, though I've made a few false starts. I open programming files and get distracted. I start reading things and get bored after a few chapters. TV gets old. I lose my train of thought halfway through emails. I seem to be quite okay with just sitting and staring out into space. I think the guppy is stealing my brain.

My hollow skull and I are going to go see if there are any cinnamon rolls left now...
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