Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Warm Fridaily.

I am all warm fuzzies and contented today. My to-do list is terribly manageable (and includes many fun things), I feel totally loved and appreciated (except by Velcro, who can't figure out why I'm letting the woodstove cool enough to scoop ashes out...), and my efforts at delegating are paying off in spades. Horrah!

(And in reference to my subject line - I'm warm inside... it is decidedly NOT warm outside. 30 belowish, and getting colder. May be 50 below tonight.)

As I am corralling submissions for EMG-Zine, I am reminded that I need to set themes for July - Dec of this year. Suggest themes in the comments!

Portrait Adoption artists stepped up like whoa:

20 / 12 portraits by Feb 1. 166% to earning an artist watch feature!

To Do:

  • Make bread - rising
  • Laundry - spinning
  • Emails - get inbox under 350!! Grrr! 281!!!! though not in any particular kind of order of importance!
  • WS site progress
  • Art or writing - the next Rails segment is to 2400!
  • Call parents. (Last time I talked to mom, she reminded me that phones work both ways... I should test that...) - I did email Dad, at least!
  • Coloring book invoice and order
  • Print order progress - I can make a sort of a weak argument for crossing this off.
  • Clear ashes from woodstove
  • Eat, drink, rest

    Norway's foot is healing, finally - we are doing no bandage, no cone now, and it hasn't reopened in a long while. He loves his antibiotics (mmm... peanut butter) and has been very good about not licking - which has been conditioned by putting the cone on him for an hour or so every time I did catch him licking. I think he finally put the two together.

    Guppy is doing awesome, and is proving again that she's going to be super stubborn, not that there was much question of that. I tried to video tape the alien wave last night, and she would only wiggle when I'd put the camera down, of course. Lots of short footage of nothing happening. I may try again this weekend. I also want to take some nice photos of my current 'figure;' we've been remiss in taking interesting photos.

    Bread and laundry now - one needs to rise and one needs to dry!
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