Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

There is sunlight in my heart!

There is no sunlight on our land right now. We face west, just over the north side of a hill, and for several months, brief daylight is a bright sky with no sun. I never notice when it leaves... in early December, perhaps? Late November? It doesn't return until the middle of February. It touches the very tips of the tall trees, first, then creeps down them, day by day. The first day it shines in the upstairs windows is a miracle. I always stare at it in wonder, though I know you're not supposed to.

There is no sunlight on our land right now, but there is sunshine in my heart.

Look what I got today!

Thank you so much, aldersprig, djinn and ysabetwordsmith! (And polarbee - for the Boppy and carseat cover I picked up today!) *squee!!* Virtual baby shower! Darling knitted things, a baby shirt, and a book of poetry and memories! With matching tags from djinn's artwork! You guys made me CRY! (All happy tears.)

And, in that spirit, a picture of the stroller my gaming group got together and bought for me:

Is that not the beefiest stroller you've seen? It even has a little speaker system for an MP3 player, and a pedometer and big tires with brakes. (Inhabited by a Bears bear pillow-pet from a friend at Jake's work!)
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