Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with facepalming...

Of course, right after I get everyone fired up to submit portraits and such... my servers decide to get a little crazy and start freaking out. It began with login problems, which eventually resolved, but all my sites are currently being stubborn and refusing to upload files. ARGH.

I will look at it in the morning and see if it's still being buggy, or if it's just a temporary server glitch. Hopefully, they have not made some kind of major version change that will require re-programming at my end. (ETA: support ticket in.)

Tomorrow, I have much in-town running around to do, including a guppy checkup (has it been a week already?!). I've been having more BH contractions (painless, short and normal), and Guppy is certainly doing her part to remind me that she's there. At night, particularly, but she put on an alien wave show for Jake this evening that he could watch from across the room.

The breastfeeding class was useful and informative - I was impressed.

Drafted the rest of my taxes today - still have some fiddly paperwork to do, so it may vary by a dollar or two by the end, but the news was not dire. Yay, refund! (We'll roll that right into medical costs, but it still totally beats a poke in the eye!)

I still have many, many emails to get through... *sighs* But now... I think I may do art.
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