Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Cattle-prods of the day... business updates and calls for submissions.

This is Ellen with a fully-charged cattle prod. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Portrait Adoption

So, I checked my stats today, and am rather displeased. In all of January, I have approved two general adoption pieces and one submitted description.

This is not good for business! This is, in fact, terrible for business, because who's going to come back to a service that is only offering two new portraits in a whole month?? I checked my long-term stats, and it's no surprise that visitors have been dropping off steadily over the last few months. There's still very decent traffic (and good sales, considering!), but there's not going to be for long, if I can't get more artists to submit work.

Artists! Submit portraits! I would love to see a completely refreshed main page by the end of the month - that's 12 portraits, and, I think, a very modest goal. I won't even ask you to do that for nothing. If we get there, I will reward you with... hmm... an artist watch feature at PA like the one I built for Torn World. Customers will receive targeted alerts when their favorite artists update their available portraits.

0 / 12 portraits by Feb 1. 0% there!

Torn World

A few personal nagging emails went out over the last few days, as well as a creative contributor reminder about the 'Fashion and Fads' contest. The canon board may get a bit of a shake-up in a soonish way. I would rather get people enthused than fire them, but there's a limit to how much rah rah I can do for this long without seeing participation in return!

On the rah rah front, DO consider submitting something to the contest. :) Or, leave a comment at the site! Or, just enjoy reading all the awesome stuff we've come up with (and let me know!). I'm still very excited to share this project with you and there is a lot left to come.


Needs centaurs! We've only got two art submissions, and I'm not sure how many fiction/poetry submissions, but I don't think very many. More than that, we really need your non-fiction! We take reprints! Have you done a walk-through or tutorial? Have you written an opinion piece on the state of the art business? We want those! We pay in credits, which you can spend to get portraits of your character, buy artwork from Sketch Fest, get coloring books (awesome gifts!), anthologies, and my own original artwork and products. http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

Sketch Fest

No nags here. You guys are awesome and the energy is high. Keep it up! Next one is scheduled for the 2nd week of February, though it's subject to cancelling if a certain millionfish gets here early.

More mundane things in a separate post later - I'm nagged out for the day!
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