Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with plans and factory update...

I never did get around to making any 2012 goals, did I! (Aside from 'having and not breaking baby.')

I do have a bunch of things I need to get done before Elsa gets here:

  • Taxes!! (started)
  • SE site
  • JH site
  • WS site
  • Dryer outlet
  • Paint bathroom floor
  • Finish bathroom. (UGH. Because I am so not up to dealing with sheetrock now!)
  • Finish Skycats picture
  • Kaz art trade
  • Big print order
  • Little print orders
  • 4 abstracts (holy heck, I still haven't done those? Where is my BRAIN?)
  • Torn World stories: Finish Rails? (unlikely, actually - there's a lot of story left there...), Finish Meetings storyline (equally unlikely). But some progress would be awesome.

    After Elsa's here, of course, all bets are off. I intend to enjoy that time and keep stress out of it as much as possible. Pleeeeeaaaaaase don't come early, Elsa-guppy... I've got a lot left to do!

    Today's goals: tax progress, SE site progress (started!), scan last SF piece, print (10) prints, paint something, eat, shower and rest.

    In factory news, I went to yoga on Saturday. It was a substitute teacher (one I quite liked!), and those folks who showed up went around and gave names and weeks. One gal was due tomorrow, then me (36 weeks), then a whole lot of folks in the 20-31 weeks area. Given the noises of disbelief and the straight up comments on the topic, I apparently do not look 36 weeks. I certainly feel huge and ready to burst, but looking around, I was a similar size to some of the gals 6 weeks behind me. And these are mostly pretty fit, athletic women. Maybe there's something funky about my build - my OB is saying she would guess a 6.5 lb baby, which is only half a lb less than average, and she's been really pleased with my weight gain and shape in general.

    I am also suspicious Elsa 'dropped' this weekend - she was already head-down, and it's about the right time (2-4 weeks before due date is average for a first time mom, though it sounds like it varies pretty wildly...), and my belly is a little less shelf-like than it was. I have to pee a lot more than I did earlier, and the pelvic pressure when walking is a lot less comfortable than it was (pretty agonizing at times, actually... I'm happy to do sitting-things). I'm less short of breath (yay!), and the heartburn isn't quite as burny (YAY!) - but I've also been taking Zantac the last three nights, so it's tough to know what's helping the most there.

    She continues to be a serious squirmer, and woke me up several times last night. I'm not appreciating the heels in the kidneys or the elbows in the bladder. I do like that I never have to wonder what she's up to...

    I dropped in on my gaming group yesterday afternoon and picked up the stroller they pooled together for me. WHAT a stroller! It is a Jeep brand, with big beefy wheels and good brakes and some really sweet features. It's big enough to accommodate a pretty big toddler, and ought to handle our trails pretty well. I was so touched.

    In Norway news, he's sulking in his cone of shame right now, because I caught him licking his foot. He had been *very* good, and was going bandage-less inside, because I think the bandage was bothering him more than the wound. I'm hoping that an hour or so of cone of shame, immediately following a scold for being caught red-handed with the licking, will remind him how to behave. The wound itself is looking remarkably good. Norway LOVES his antibiotics... or at least the fact that they're rolled in peanut butter... he snuffles them right down and asks for more.

    Velcro does little on these cold days but sleep in front of the fire and eventually overheat so that she has to lay out on the rug away from the fire.

    To work now!
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