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Ellen Million

Fridaily with lots of updates...


I took pity on my miserable dog (and was really worried about the woodstove/cone-of-shame interaction, given his clumsiness) and let him sleep without the cone-of-shame last night. He did NOT chew his bandage - he seems to only do that when left alone outside. Maybe getting snow on it makes it into some kind of creamy, delicious treat. He's on antibiotics, and aside from throwing up a double-fistful of straw on the floor this morning, Norway seems in fine shape. The vet said it didn't actually look that bad. The vet techs all love Norway, though he loves them less, and are very impressed by how handsome and sweet he is. (Usually followed by a breathless '... and STRONG,' as they try to hold him in place or convince him to go somewhere.)

Velcro found him very strange-smelling when he came home from the vet, and spent some time sniffing his face with disdain. She spent most of the rest of the evening hiding from his clumsy, oafish, whining self while he was wearing the cone of shame, after getting bowled off her cylinder by the giant plastic scoop at one point.


I REALLY hate insurance salesmen.

Specifically, extended warranty for your vehicle insurance salesmen.

I got a phonecall yesterday as I was getting ready to go to my doctor's appointment (so, already not a good time to talk to me...).

'How many miles does your 2009 Subaru Outback have on it, Mrs (Married Last Name)?' the man asked.

I patiently explained that I don't give personal information over the phone, and wasn't going to answer that question, while I struggled to find a position where I could pull a sock on my foot (already a struggle) and hold the phone at the same time (a balancing act of some impressiveness).

This arrogant salesman tried to explain that he was authorized to have this information... and I cut him off and told him I would be happy to call my dealer later and verify that he was legitimate, and he scoffed at me and said that because I had refused my extended warranty at time of purchase, the dealer had transferred to his company... something blah, blah...

(This was the first time he had mentioned why he was calling. Lightbulb moment for Ellen. We got a TON of these calls about the time Jake's Chevy went out of warranty. Same snobby attitude. Wouldn't talk to a mere wife at that time.)

Me: 'I'm not interested in purchasing an extended warranty.'

Him (in this condescending voice that rubbed me SO wrong): 'Can you explain to me why you'd prefer to pay out of pocket?'

Me: 'I find your salespitch too aggressive.'

He hung up on me.

I intend to call my dealer and ask why my information was given to this company and request that they not share any of it, ever again, and see if they understand what slimy, awful people they are supposedly doing business with. Also, I REALLY hope this was one of those 'randomly recorded customer service' phonecalls and his boss chews him a new asshole... though I rather suspect he was exactly on script, which is much, much worse. Seriously. NOT how you'd sell me anything. Quite the opposite.


Guppy: wiggles and squirms and takes fiendish delight in torturing my bladder.

I can't remember the last time I got more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep in a row... even while sick and sleeping a LOT over the weekend, I was up every 3-4 hours with either a potty break or heartburn. I feel surprisingly okay for such fractured sleep and several days of missed naps - I get back to sleep pretty quickly, even when I turn on the lights downstairs and fill up the woodstove or sit upright waiting for the Tums to kick in, and quick chair-dozes seems to give me more energy than I'd expect. I'm very grateful that Jake has found super comfortable earplugs; he isn't even aware that I'm up during the night and my monstrous snoring no longer bothers him at all.

I am very much hoping that the dream I had of getting to 93 weeks is not prophetic.


Have some business-like updates:

Sketch Fest is today! Another 48 hour event! (Just a few more hours on the currently available artwork, so grab any you've been eyeing while you can!) http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Also! Have you been considering joining Portrait Adoption? We're going (almost) paperless! You can now sign up and submit portraits without sending in a hardcopy contract. You DO have to send in signed certificates to offer your work as standard adoption (which comes with a print and certificate). Contact me for details! http://www.portraitadoption.com/

EMG-Zine needs work to the theme of 'centaurs' - fiction, poetry, artwork... and we're always on the hunt for great non-fiction articles. Reprints are welcome, this doesn't have to be new work! Also, volume one of our anthology is available as a FREE pdf download! http://emg-zine.com/

Torn World is running a contest through the end of the month - the theme is 'Fashions and Fads,' and we're looking for fiction, poetry, artwork or 'meta-fiction' (in-world articles about Torn World itself.) The contest information is here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/94622.html and more information about the shared science fantasy world of Torn World can be found here: http://tornworld.net/


I've got some programming to poke at with Sketch Fest, need some cold water and a snack, have several emails to write (it's been buggy the last several days...), and may even cram in some writing time on the next Rails installment, which is at almost 1500 words now and getting quite exciting.

Enough out of me...
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