Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm feeling rather blank this morning. Probably need more coffee.

Would really love to be working on art projects or webpage. Fortunately, I have tomorrow off of work, and shall spend the Entire Day working on web and contracts at home with the happy DSL.

Reminder to self: stop at mom and dad's, print T-shirt and mousepad transfers, email self contract template. Print contract signature page today!!! I suuuuck!!!

Cat appointment tomorrow. So it won't be webwork the Entire Day. Just most of it. Darn it. A good solid eight hours, I hope.

Five minutes to lunch... meeting Jake at the Grille for the consumption of mass quantities.

I LOVE this second vehicle thing. LOVELOVELOVE. I get the most wonderful wind-down time driving back home, with my own music and my own thoughts and my own settings on the heat and noise. And I get home feeling all affectionate and settled again, and ready to face my husband, yowling cat and dishes. My inner hermit is at peace.


Lunch was grand. Fried chicken!

Really feeling pumped about working on business stuff tomorrow. I'd love to be doing so today, and plan to do a little tonight, but after a day of work I'm so burnt out I just want to sit in front of the TV and drool on myself. Stupid work.

I am SOOOO glad Jennie worked her evil voodoo on me and got me to switch to dreamhost.com. ACS sucks twinkies. I called in today to get my domain released and I end up calling THREE times. The first time, they hung up on me instead of picking up the line. The second time I hung with not message and no dialtone and no ringing for about three minutes. The third time I barely manage not to bite the operator's head off. I'm told I have to write an email about the issue. *rolls eyes* Have I mentioned that I like the new service much better already?! And it will manage my mailing list for me. And I can check it and answer easily online anywhere. And I get ten times the space for 20% less. Those unhelpful ACS corporate bastards can kiss my ass.

Work crisis... gotta fly.

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