Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with interuptions...

Urgh! Have to take Norway to the vet because he WILL not leave his foot alone. He tore one of those pads that rides high on the back of the foreleg last week, and we seemed to do fine treating it at home - cleaning it out and re-bandaging a few times a day was doing the trick and it hadn't bled or swollen or looked more than mildly unhappy in days now... I had to scold him to leave the bandage alone a few times, but he was mostly inside because of the extreme cold, and happy to be there, so I could keep an extra eagle eye on him. It was healing really nicely, actually. Then, I came back from the doctor visit today to find he had chewed off his bandage and ripped it open again, and it bled everywhere and looks miserable and I feel like a rotten pet owner and they'll think I'm negligent for not bringing him in sooner!

Baby's in good shape, body's doing what it's supposed to, healthy numbers all around, went to the gym, got groceries, hungry and stumbling tired, but no nap until we're back from the vet.

Guh. Must find energy to feed myself now.
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