Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Totally spontaneous very limited ACEO print offer...

I fudged up an order and have to reprint an ACEO card for a client - and I really hate doing just one of those at a time when I can fill up a page, so I'm offering a very short-term 'any print' ACEO sale.

And by any, I mean... pretty much any. The only exclusions are Portrait Adoption pieces, Uncovering Atlantis and Practicality (which had very small test LE runs). There MAY be one or two older pieces that won't print well enough from their files, but the chances of someone picking something out of my way old archives seems pretty slim.

So, Kaz (Pern) fanart is fair game, as is RTH (EQ) fanart, Torn World art (including non-canon concept art!), the great gory archives of Ellen's Escape, recent abstracts or slightly older ones, anything for Sketch Fests, or even any photos I've posted in my blog along the way.

Any print: $2. Click to add to cart. (Pay via paypal, credit card or send check or money order.) This price includes shipping. Change quantity to add more than one, and either shoot me an email, or put your choices in the comments when you check out. Please be very clear with the name or description, or, better yet, provide a link directly to the page or picture so I know for absolute sure what you're talking about. :)

Have fun browsing! Enjoy getting lost at any of those stops. :) I will probably close up this offer sometime tomorrow... I only need 6 to print to fill up my page, and I don't want to spend forever combing my archive files for that one obscure request. :P

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