Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Portrait Adoption news and more cold weather.

Still cold. -42 in town, and probably a little warmer up here in the hills. Even if it's not the 52 below it was last night, I'm still quite happy to hang out inside in front of my cheerful, warm woodstove.

My first goal today was to get through some Portrait Adoption paperwork that had been stacking up too long on my desk... and it had me thinking 'this is a drag!' I make artists wait waaaay too long to get to the 'submit art' point, especially after they've waited for mail to get all the way to Alaska. So, I took a little morning detour and made Portrait Adoption membership paperless! Woo!

If you have been considering joining PA, but hadn't quite gotten around to sending in your contract, ping me, and I'll point you to where and how to sign up. You can be my guinea pigs. :P The FAQ page in the lilypad has been updated extensively, but the public site has not yet been updated.

Now, I have the rest of my to-do list to tackle:

  • Invoices!
  • Taxes!
  • Surprise sketch
  • Catch up on Torn World forums - started
  • Post something at Torn World - Northern Body Language
  • Programming job (3 to work on! oof! And got an offer for a big fourth in my inbox just now... o.O Never rains but it pours...) - big progress on two of these jobs! Yay!
  • Lots of food and water and rest. - doing well on this!

    This weekend, through the head-phlegm, I also made some pretty major improvements to the Sketch Fest pages - including more automation for setting up new sketch fests, better admin tools, fixed a teeny cosmetic bug in the registration page (and clarified for people trying to join between sketch fests), and fixed the prompt page so it doesn't take ten years to load. It now automatically groups by prompter - and the sorting tools aren't perfect yet, but they work pretty well. Thumbnails work!

    Enjoy it all!
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