Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another unplanned day...

Another -40 day, though it's supposed to warm up significantly today. (Like, 50 degrees!)

Wrong vehicle was plugged in last night, so I had to drive Jake to work and will need to go pick him up. We're getting our driveway cleared of hardpack - today, astonishingly. I expected a week's wait or so when I called this morning, but no - he thinks he can make it today! *boggles* Which means, we'll get a load of water delivered this week, too, because the recent troubles have run us quite low. On the strength of that news, I did a load of laundry this morning, though I'm still working on the energy to go hang it up.

Energy? Is a problem. I get winded walking up one flight of stairs, and can completely lose an hour staring into space doing nothing but feeling tired. I'm not significantly less tired after naps. This is all very alien to me, and is interfering with my desire to get things done (sooooo much to do....). Also, my concentration and memory are COMPLETELY shot. I cannot remember to do things to save my life. Baby brain, I do not like you. Elsa, I need those braincells, go grow your own! Also, her squirms and struggles are hitting the point where I'm starting to feel rather tenderized inside. She is definitely running out of room in there.

I did manage to do some Sketch Fest programming this morning in among things, and got all the CC sales caught up and artist payments made. Artists, you can log in at the Sketch Fest site and click on 'See what you've sold!' to view all of your sales, with addresses to ship to. I have some tricks up my sleeve that will make it Even Easier at my end of things and Even Faster at your end. And I still have some other things I want to add.

In general, Sketch Fest this weekend was GREAT fun. I finished seven sketches and one scribble (need to scan one of each, still), and the response to the 48 window was very positive. We got a lot more artwork than usual, which is awesome, but what says more to me is that we had a lot more artists participating, indicating that we were able to include some folks that otherwise might not have been able to join in. I am all in favor of that. You can still comment or vote in the poll: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1260532.html

I am not particularly in favor of LJ not sending me comments... I get replies to comments, but not the original comment. Huh.

Okay, I gotta eat a little more and go move things in prep for the snowplow. Come on legs, you can do it. Let's go...
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