Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with goals and more cold...

There is nothing as cozy as a cold day with a warm fire.

I was going to do a LOT of things today, but when Jake saw how wiped out I was after getting wood this morning, he advised me to scrub my list down to just a few things and take it easy. ("We can BUY bread," he reminded me.) I intend to!

The list that's left:

  • Laundry - not really optional because of the septic tank. Already hung!
  • Orders - 1 PA adoption print, several leftover abstract things that I finally got answers to, card.
  • Childbirth class tonight.
  • Keep fire going - wood is already chopped and stacked inside, so this is snap.
  • A few vital emails, including a freelance invoice, and pre-notification of Sketch Fest. (REMEMBER THIS TIME, STUPID SELF.)
  • Programming: Finish the book credit sending script. Big progress already made on this, it shouldn't actually take long, and I can do it sitting down.
  • Programming: 1 minor milestone on a paid project. I have several outstanding to work on, but if I cross one thing off, good enough.
  • Post something for Torn World - next installment of Wild Snowy Chase is up!
  • Eat and drink well, take a nap.

    Have a photo from right around Christmas. I have finally decided to drop bellydancing because it's a little too bumpy for Guppy (even walking has slowed down!). I'm thinking I'll switch to swimming at this point. When next I can rouse myself from my chair. And have a car. And can find a suit that fits.

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