Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily not as planned.

Instead of going out to dinner tonight with MA, who was visiting from warmer climes, I ended up going up and down the stairs with wet washrags and puke buckets. Jake apparently decided to give me some practice for when the baby comes, and came down with what I assume is food poisoning.

We made sausage from scratch (grinding and all!) this morning, which involves all kinds of raw pork, and though I didn't get sick from eating our results, my poor sweetie certainly did. I bleached the counters and was very careful to clean everything thoroughly, but maybe a stray fleck of something got ingested accidentally, or one of his sausages was undercooked. At any rate, nothing stayed down after this afternoon, including water. I felt awful for him. (And frankly, quite lost my appetite.)

While listening for more sounds of misery from upstairs, I sat down and whipped out a non-fiction article on Private Labeling for EMG-Zine; we were low on content for the month, and this resource has been rattling around in my head for a while. *adds a non-fiction piece to the writing tally for the year.*

Woops, gotta go be mom again...
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