Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with short-term goals

I've got to write down the rest of my week asap or it will fly out of my head... that baby brain spaciness has been acting up this whole week.

  • Call UPS and try to get shipment held - no dice, have to wait until they attempt delivery.
  • make hair appointment - last for a loooong while. 11th @ 11:45
  • register for childbirth classes - messages left.
  • make massage appointment - 3rd @ 1
  • Make bread/pizza dough/cinnamon rolls - rising #1
  • Laundry - duvet cover and sheets - started.
  • Poke on any other invoices due before years-end - all nagged, some paid.
  • Get packages ready to ship
  • Finish admin page changes for SE today - working on it!
  • Credits thingy for book sales (already, darn it! Quit being a coward!)
  • News and such for EMG-Zine
  • Some headway on overbloated awful email inbox. - some made! A little, anyway!
  • Goals for 2012.

    Scheduled things:

  • Dinner with MA on Friday, I hope.
  • Shopping on Friday or Saturday
  • Yoga on Saturday
  • Gaming sendoff on Sunday

    One of my clients contacted me about an overdue invoice, and lo, has fired their accounting department this last week because they weren't actually keeping the books, so I should have a check coming for that work in the next couple of weeks! Whew!

    Off to get started now.
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