Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with fading mouse.

My mouse battery is wearing out quickly - making selecting and browsing a bit hit and miss. I could go put new batteries in it, but they are waaaaay across the room, which is a bit of a maze of wet paint right now.

As you may guess, I finished painting the floor this morning! I also made a fire and did a load of laundry, and now I am sitting in my chair wishing I didn't have to get up to get my water cup.

Yesterday was a state holiday. Jake and I cleared the snow off the driveway, took trash in and got water, and did some major 'staples' shopping - mostly non-grocery stuff like sponges and Lysol and shampoo. Unfortunately, the Lysol leaked in the truck on the way home, but on the plus side, the truck smells REALLY clean now, and none of our food was contaminated. Could have been worse!

Today, I need to do some paid programming, go to a doctor's appointment and the gym, and pay bills, plus go to the PO.

In factory news, I'm now 32 weeks, which is 8 months by some calendars, and 9 months by some. (Some start month 1 at the first missed period, which is actually 2 weeks before conception, some start month 1 at 4 weeks... and of course, months aren't actually 4 neat weeks, so it's a little fuzzy and will vary by the calendar being used.) Technically, though my duedate is still 2 months off, a month from now, Elsa could decide to show up and be considered full term. She's still very wiggly, and continues to test my various stomach scars as escape portals. Not yet, little girl! I'm not finished cooking you, yet!

Sleep has been a bit ragged the last few nights - up a lot, uncomfortable, very fractured dreams, hasn't felt restful. So, I'm hopeful to work a nap in today somewhere, as I suspect I will be rather grouchy without it. A shower, now. I think I can get up...
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