Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*Faceplant* and nursery photos

Some of the artwork is hung, the rug is down, the accessories are assembled, the changing pad is installed, the rest of the clothing/toy boxes are sorted, a pad and bedding for the cradle are ordered... and, it looks like a nursery.

But you can judge for yourself:

The cradle my great-grandfather made for my mother when I was born, and the swing we assembled. Yes, that is my teddy bear in the swing. Yes, I still sleep with it. WHAT?

Is that not the most gorgeous glider rocker you've ever seen??

That's the dresser before the changing pad was installed. All of Elsa's clothing has been sorted and folded into drawers, or packed up in boxes to grow into. (I gotta say, manufacturer sizing sure varies!!)

Now, I am going to go fall into bed. None of it was very hard work, but it was still a LOT of work.
Tags: nursery, photos
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