Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oomph! I think they call this nesting...

I think this is what they call nesting.

We got ALL the trim up in the nursery (*whimpers in relief!*), moved my dresser and some closet parts into the room, put away all the various tools that had been collecting there, touched up the paint, sorted about a hundred boxes of clothing (boxing up the stuff we won't need for several months) and toys and books and blankets. Trash got hauled out. Curtains got hung. Art is ready to go up once the walls are completely dry. Catboxes got cleaned. Cinnamon rolls and homemade bacon were made for breakfast, and snacked upon throughout the day.

Dough is rising for pizza, and I'm about to tackle the last few boxes of clothes that need sorted. If energy lasts, we'll be moving the area rug upstairs to the nursery (we need a bigger one down here), and assembling the swing and bouncer. I will get the card for my camera while I'm downstairs getting the last boxes, and take PIKTURES! Finally!
Tags: nursery

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