Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy Solstice! And Wednesdaily.

Today, we lost 6 seconds of daylight. Yesterday, we lost 26 seconds. Tomorrow... we gain 13 seconds! This is the dip! From here, the sun comes back! We still won't have more than 4 hours of daylight until January, but there's something reassuring in knowing that it really is on the upswing again. Of course, it's supposed to get down to 30 or 40 below by the end of the week. Still. Daylight!

I am floor painting today. (I have to do it in batches so we can USE the floor, and it's something of a geometry word problem, trying to make areas I can pen the dog out of, and still usable, while eventually getting paint down over the whole area.) I'd like to get it finished tomorrow, so we have a lovely finished floor for the entire Christmas weekend.

I may make bread today. I may wait until tomorrow on that, too.

I should have a new installment of Rails to share with you later today! There are two queued up and approved to go after that one, and I'm working on the following one, too. *grins* (I got some feedback that someone was actually looking forward to knowing what happened next, and it made my day. Yay!)

In factory news, Guppy is a-wiggling like mad and developing new levels of coordinated attacks on my organs. I have to keep reminding her that she can't escape through my laparoscopy scars. This does not stop me from winning at basketball with my husband once in a blue moon (like yesterday!), but it does mean I'm a bit short of breath, as there is no room in my torso for my lungs. I make him chase the ball when we miss. I ate chocolate ice cream and salsa with chips too close to bedtime last night, but propped up on an extra pillow and took some Tums, and the expected heartburn didn't really manifest. Guppy did decide to do some kind of percussion routine early this morning that kept me awake for a while, but I finally dropped off again, and it was hard to get up with the alarm. Good quality, super-soft earplugs and a higher grade of nose strip seem to have solved the snoring problem.

Floor now - I really want to get that drying as soon as possible.
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