Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Urgh. Tuesdaily.

It was a lovely morning. I slept beautifully, despite the fact that Guppy has gotten strong enough to actually wake me up with her kicking.

Then I found that another $%^&* hacker had gotten into one of my FTP accounts this morning, and spent a little time closing cracks and changing passwords. Bastards. I see you hammering at my other sites in the stats, too, you jerks. Go find someone else to bother!

Still, it was a pretty minor hack - no information was stolen, just some spammy Arabic pages inserted. Cleaned them up, remote-killed any existing connections, changed the passwords. It's frustrating, but not as panic-inducing as they used to be, and I caught it right away.

Yesterday was super productive - I got the floor bits painted, laundry done, emptied and defrosted and re-loaded the big chest freezer, dishes, and a bunch of programming, too. See announcements of some of it here: http://crowdfunding.livejournal.com/367863.html

Today, I have some shopping plans and need to get to the gym.

Oh - and my husband? My wonderful, amazing husband? Came home with one of the glider rockers we'd been eyeing on Saturday. The GORGEOUS red one that I really wanted but thought was too expensive until we shopped further... well, he felt guilty for being cheap (even though it was as much me) and wanted to cheer me up after my rotten Sunday, so he talked them down on it, and brought it home as a surprise. It is SO pretty. And so comfortable. It's a really quality chair and it warms my heart. Even hackers can't dampen that.
Tags: daily, factory, gratitude, whine

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