Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Brief Mondaily with Big Thank Yous

After Sunday's Big Sulk, I took a shower, put on festive clothing, ate some comfort food (hmm, I've lost a few pounds! Not good! Though I do seem to fluctuate a great deal more than I ever did before... I shall check tonight and see if they've come back.) and had a lovely unwinding evening with Jake. I did not work on the trim anymore; we may tackle that tonight. And I did, at least, get all the trim that's still up touch-up painted! So there was SOME progress.

I've just about finished the new fiction sorting at Torn World (shall reveal that tomorrow, I believe), and got your Super Surprise for funding EMG-Zine posted! http://emg-zine.com/downloads.php

(Let me know if I missed adding you to the sponsors list, or if you'd like to be listed in a different way - I don't generally add sponsors and customers unless I know for sure they'd like to be honored. Also, let me know if the download gives you any problems, or if you spot any errors, etc.)

Programming to do today - some paid stuff and also some general maintenance stuff that needs to be polished up before years end. I've also got more floor to paint - already scrubbed up and ready to go. (And not as back-breaking as the swath I did Friday!) I also have FUN painting to do, which I did not get to on Friday because I used all my spoons on the HARD painting.

In factory news, Guppy is still expanding, and still does lots of wiggling and some hiccuping. The heartburn is manageable, the awkwardness is to be dealt with, and I've been continuing to sleep decently. (THANK YOU, sleep gods.) She's also shifted a bit in there, so the kicking is in new - less tender! - places.

Off to paint now!
Tags: daily, emg-zine, factory

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