Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


We are officially part of the American dream, complete with new loan for big shiny *brand new* truck. Silverado, half ton, with a CD player. It's 'Jake's' and I have envy. But I also have sweet freedom and Gwen (our Subaru) is all mine!! No more carpooling. I have to say that I'm really, really, really looking forward to not having to schedule around someone else and lose an hour nearly every day shuttling Jake around.

I've been remiss making a list of things to do because I'm so scared to actually look at it. Ugh.

EMG stuff

~contracts!!! (I suck...!)
~primer... must hotsynch palm and email file to Jennie
~answer Chel's post re: transfers
~webpagestuff: finish transferring site to new location, rename folders, rebuild site, create product pages, update appropriate artist pages, add Mermaid coloring book page. Bug Mosquitonet to release my site.
~transfer over mailing list info and set up new mailing list joinforms. Hopefully they work with Greymatter...
~finish fair orders (T-shirts)
~Salsa dragon mousepad
~The Project!!

House stuff

~fix vapor barrier by shower, measure and fit water lines, install bracing for shower plumbing, install shower
~install toilet (I suck...!)
~laundry (tonight after work)

Various other stuff

~Edit Kaz stories for re-submission. (Bigger, Empty, Old?,)
~Do *anything* for RWH
~Outline/write Sunrise/Hope story, and 'Poison.'
~Return car keys to Mom
~Call mom
~Call Melody
~Arrange to have Naomi and Gen and others over this weekend. Being social? The shock...
~Mail transfers to Whit
~Probably more...

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