Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Guppy has hiccups, and her incubator has a serious case of the exhausteds.

I went carseat shopping today, and found the model and pattern I want... but only paired with the stroller, which I'm still iffy on. I don't REALLY want to pay almost twice as much for the stroller combo. It was on sale, which was a bonus, but mmm... just not quite convinced on the stroller half. The sale lasts a few more days. I did pick up the bouncer I'd gotten the raincheck for at Sears... and after nearly 30 minutes in line, I'm REALLY not sure it was worth the $5 I saved over just buying it in stock at Freddies the first time. Ah well, done now.

ETA: The husband has weighed in on the issue and does not think it is worth being THAT cheap and having no stroller when it could save me having to lug Guppy and carseat any distance at all - especially given my general back difficulties. We will go pick it up tomorrow. :)

I also painted a BIG swath of the floor today - probably too much, really, considering how sore I am now, and how tough it was to get the shopping done. I desperately need a shower, but barely got the groceries put away. I'm not sure I can get out of my chair right now.

Not convinced I will get anything else done today.
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