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Thursdaily with much to do...

"Much to do" is sort of a theme, I think...

I made massive in-roads on the abstracts project yesterday, and got all caught up on contact with everything I had painted - I have four more prompts that I still need to do, so I will be doing those (and any repaint requests that come in) tomorrow. Waiting to hear back on a few second choices, but most are ready to go in the mail! Horrah!

You can see the finished paintings (so far) here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2-finishedabstracts.php

And all the available abstracts here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2-available.php

They are $5 each (included shipping) and proceeds go to fund EMG-Zine...

And, in related horrahs, EMG-Zine is safe until December, 2012! We not only met our goal, we kicked that goal's butt, and I will have awesome site improvements to add shortly! :) :) Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen! You guys rock. (now, go submit steampunk work!) I have already started your amazing surprise, and it should be good to go tomorrow. (But let's say Monday, because... things happen.)

Today, I:

  • Pack up ACEOs
  • Christmas errand
  • Gym - been TOO sedentary this week!
  • Dance class tonight
  • Lunch-like things
  • Rug shopping? - nope
  • PO
  • Follow up on missing payment if no check at the PO, otherwise, go to bank - Unfortunately, option 1. :(
  • pay CC
  • post something for TW New reference article, Northern Clothing: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=167
  • Secret Amazing Surprise! - finished, just need to make a page to share it with!

    Now, packing and a snack.

    ETA: And thank you for the thoughts on carseats in my last entry! I am boggled by choices, and trying to decide how carrying/strolling would work. I'm not fond of the idea of carrying a carseat around - it sounds awkward at best... but where do I go where baby would go, too? Grocery shopping - a carseat would be as easy as anything? Get it into the store and plop it in the cart (can't wrangle stroller and cart together). PO? Er... nothing is convenient for that. A sling to leave hands free, maybe - a wrap would be too complicated for such trips. Gym? Just have to get her from parking lot to the daycare and back - anything will do. I think about where I'd use a stroller, and it always comes back to trails - which I don't really need to drive to (and the carseat/strollers don't look trail-ready). Doctor's office? A sling sounds easiest for that, too. Probably, what I need to do is get a sling, and plan on lugging a lightweight carseat for the grocery shopping or any cases where I'm not wanting to hold her for long periods. Thinking thinky thoughts!

    ETA: Oo! Consultation appointment at the hospital scheduled for Jan 3 to talk with an anesthesiologist. I really hope not to need it, but if it becomes necessary, I don't want any Big Last Minute Surprises resulting from my wonky back.
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