Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily plan

I slept late this morning, after being up a little late with heartburn, and feel a little off-balance for the shift in my schedule. Otherwise, feeling not bad. Many things to try to accomplish today:

  • Post something for Torn World
  • Laundry - in the washer now
  • FINISH abstracts - almost there! REALLY! But just not enough time today, unless I put in some time tonight.
  • Update EMG-Zine campaign
  • Catboxes
  • shower
  • nap
  • lunch
  • Vacuum
  • Pack up box for parents
  • Something art-y or write-y. Anything. SRSLY. - finished a story!
  • Order coloring books. Seriously, when Amazon is telling you 'customers want this book and no one has it in stock right now,' you should probably stock the darned book.
  • Upload print files for DH - grinding now!
  • Dishes
  • Clean toilet
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