Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with more energy...

Jake brought me flowers yesterday - gorgeous yellow roses and stargazer lilies. They got slightly frosted on the trip home, so they were releasing pollen like they had no tomorrow. That was making my eyes water, so I took a benadryl before bed - and slept like a baby, without getting up once until 6 this morning. No pain of note, and no reports of snoring. Bliss!

Guppy appointment this morning went swimmingly - we are both in excellent health. I went to the bank, filled my car with gas and did some critical shopping afterwards, plus a trip to the PO to get a Christmas order out. (On that note, why is a package I sent to California showing up in New Hampshire?!)

Work things now, and maybe some fun this afternoon. I have one of Jake's Christmas presents to work on...
Tags: daily, factory

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