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Mondaily on pregnancy and showers...

My first two trimesters of easy sailing have decided I had it WAY too easy, and are in fits of giggles over how comparatively miserable I am now.

I was really hoping my restless sleep last week was because of the strange hotel bed, but even my blissful Tempurpedic is not giving me a solid night of sleep; although I'm willing to sleep a loooong time, it's very shattered sleep. I'm up several times with heartburn, needing to pee, and this overall total discomfort that has me stacking and unstacking my half-dozen pillows, trying different sides and angles and wraps. The snoring is very randomly problematic - I'll go days without disturbing either of us, then snore so loudly and ceaselessly that I wake up from dreams about sawmills thinking a train is coming through the walls at me and Jake is talking about moving into the nursery (having exhausted the stuffed animal arsenal throwing them at me one after another to get me to roll over). Guppy has this amazing timing for deciding to stick an elbow or a knee into a tender spot just as I'm dropping off.

I went to gaming yesterday, and we finished the campaign in great explosive glory! K asked if I was having a shower (no) and then if I wanted one (sure, why not? Provided there were no grotesque baby cakes and no games involving placenta). I was picturing just a gaming group get-together, but as I was leaving, she asked me to gather up an email list of people I'd want at the shower.

I wound up thinking about that during one of those uncomfortable sleepless points in the night. Who would I invite?

My list of closest friends is pretty slim, and two or three of them won't talk to each other (I'm honestly not sure which of them would show up, if they knew the others were invited)... and most of the rest don't know each other at all, which would make a kind of an awkward party. Honestly, if I were in their position, I'd send a card and a polite 'not available!' I would invite my sister, of course, but she only knows one or two of my friends. Keep it to the gaming girls, and there are just three of us. Add the boys, and... well, it's a perfectly acceptable party, but will Jake feel obligated to come? Because he's already made 'don't make me' noises about a shower. People at his work have asked if I was having a shower, and I suppose I could invite them, but I only know them a little, and they wouldn't know any of the other folks. Not working in an office, I have 'clients' rather than 'coworkers,' and most of them are in other states, let alone other cities. And I've got some HS friends and tangential Bellydance people on my Facebook list who are lovely people I'd like to know better, but randomly inviting them to a shower smacks of 'bring me presents!' Which I already feel awfully awkward about, because I am wretched about presents in general and find them stressful for both giving and receiving. (No, I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet, either. *sighs*)

At that point I had to get up and eat a bottle of Tums.

I am so dreadful at these social things.

I have accomplished the two things I really needed to today: make bread and do laundry (still needs hung up)

I desperately need to figure out where I am with the last painting fundraiser - I have dropped all of my juggling balls, and my brain is clearly becoming less functional at a rapid rate.
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