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Baby stuff. All baby stuff. This is a list for myself that now acts as a personal registry...

Skip this, if you are sick of baby stuff...

This is a list I started for myself that now acts as a personal registry... :)

Stuff I have (or have coming)

Musical swing
Bouncer/toddler chair
Toddler toys... and toys in general
Clothing 0-24 months
Newborn diapers*
Diaper bag(?) (We have a wide assortment of various bags - one of them could be made to work, I'm sure...)
Nursing pillows
Diaper rash cream
Folding playpen
baby backpack
Changing pad for dresser
cradle mattresses and bedding
glider rocker
Heavy-duty stroller - !!!
Baby powder, cotton swabs, shampoo and whathaveyous
Baby monitor
Diaper pail
Diapers post-newborn*

Stuff I need

(I should note that just about everything listed here except for diapers would be fine - preferred, even! - as second-hand.)

Crib?? May have alternatives - would need bedding with crib.
Bottles and accessories (Planning to breastfeed, but will need a few for backup/pumping)
Baby tub (countertop, not tub-spanning... we don't have a tub!)
Baby grooming kit
Ear and rectal thermometers, digital
Ear sucker, recommended: http://www.fridababy.com/shop/nosefrida/
Warm cover for carseat - 1 coming! Probably need 2! I have a Graco Snugride22 on order, I think that's a standard size?
nursing bras and pads - I have one bra, so far, but who knows what size I'll settle on. Have pads.
Cradle/crib sheets - 36" x 18". We've got a few on order, but they are plain and few. And the company muffed up our order - twice - so they may get here quite late...


Because you can't have enough books, really.

Wookie the Chew!!
(The original Winnie the Pooh)
Rain Makes Applesauce - I used to check this out of the library over and over and over and over again.
The Gruffalo
Your favorite childhood book.

Other things I won't turn down...

  • Various geek baby things. Because we are undoubtedly raising a geek baby.
    (I don't think they make one, but a StarGate teething ring would make me squeal in joy. Other fandoms of delight include Star Trek, various superheros [Batman, particularly]... science humor is always good.)
  • Flashcards
  • Workbooks. (Obviously young for these yet, but worth stocking up on.)
  • Music - science songs! Fun kid songs!
  • DVDs - I will not be a TV mom, but I would LOVE to get my hands on some old-fashioned kids programming. If the ORIGINAL seasons of Sesame Street come out on DVD, I want those. There's one 'best of' DVD available, I would like that very much if the full set is not an option! Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact are other shows I'd love to share with her when she's older. I am not 'up' on contemporary shows.
  • Also, food. Not for Guppy, necessarily, but for meeeee. (I'm ALWAYS hungry, even when I'm full.)

    *Despite being relatively green hippy-types, we are going with disposable diapers because we haul our own water, and live where there is no pick-up service. We sometimes have to ration water in the winter when the driveway is bad and we can't get water in. Cloth diapers, though appealing, are not particularly practical for us.
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