Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with new fanfiction and other blathering...

How is this week half over already? I need to get some laundry in!

Will probably not be making my NotNoWriMo goal - especially since I realized that I've only got 6/10 done, not 7. Don't think I can crank out FOUR stories today. Highly unlikely. And I've got a bunch of programming in front of me.

I've got a new ElfQuest fanfiction up at River Twine, Letting Go of Expectations. Honey has some... difficulties... making the switch to hunting from fishing. Enjoy!

In factory update, feeling fine. Officially third trimester now, which is still awfully mind-boggling. Seriously.

Going to put laundry in now.
Tags: daily, factory, fanfiction

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