Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Long weekends are hard work!

I didn't get into the bazaar, but still have little to show for the extra days in this weekend. We did get some wiring done - added an outlet to the bathroom on a wall that needed one, and planned for an outlet upstairs in the closet, where there wasn't one at all. Unfortunately, something came loose in the buttoning up, and now one of the downstream outlets doesn't work, so I'm going to have to take the junction outlet apart AGAIN. Ugh.

I didn't play on Black Friday, but I did do a little shopping over the weekend - I desperately needed bras that fit, and also found a nice stretchy sale shirt that will expand with me. I also bought a much-needed vacuum cleaner. We had been using a shop vac, which is sadly, sadly underpowered for newfoundland hair, and very hard to operate, because the head isn't powered. I was utterly, totally disgusted to hook it up, vacuum only part of our house (very little of it carpeted), just HOURS after sweeping it and picking up hair by hand, to suck up an entire canister of hair and dirt and grime. The carpet in the living is only 8x10, the pets aren't allowed in the bedroom... seriously, where did it all COME from? I'm amazed. The living room carpet is new colors. (Shopping tip, it's the Dirt Devil Breeze, which is on sale at Fred Meyers right now for $50, and it's quite light and tough and I'm really happy with it so far.)

In honor of Cyber Monday, I would like to remind you guys about the coloring books I sell: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php I've made an album at Facebook, if you are there, and would like an easier way to share them!

More when I'm back from the gym/post office.
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